MotoDojo will only release learner records to the individual to whom it applies. The Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police also have authority to access learner records. Any person wishing to have a copy of their records must apply in writing to the MotoDojo Manager at 42/123 Barbaralla Drive Springwood 4127 for these records to be released, learner records can only be given to the learner in person after confirmation of identity. Exceptions to this can be organized if distance is an issue by contacting the Manager by phone, email or post. Learners will have to pay an administration fee for a copy of these records. $60.00 upon request.

If Requested, MotoDojo will declare their policies of not releasing any learner information to any outside parties. Any person wishing a copy of this policy may request it in writing.

Learner records will be stored in a secured area.


Access and Equity.

All applicants must meet the entry level criteria as set out by the DTMR prior to participation in the Motodojo Q-RIDE training programme. MotoDojo is an equal opportunity training organisation and when informed will assist learners with issues such as physical disability, cultural or language needs and assistance with understanding any written material, alternatively learners can arrange their own assistance, learners must notify Motodojo of any arrangements. No discrimination or leniency will be given to any person no matter what race, gender, religion or sexual preference. All MotoDojo staff are aware of these policies through induction and on going training.

Provision of Training Equipment

Motodojo will provide to learners the following equipment:

  • Australian Standard #1698 helmet displaying the ASA sticker,
  • gloves
  • a motorcycle jacket made from protective material.
  • a motorcycle of the appropriate class for their course.

The learner must also wear long pants and closed in shoes.

Learners are encouraged to supply their own protective equipment if it meets the required standard.

The learner may supply their own motorcycle provided it meets the required standards.


Learner Riders Code of Conduct

  • All learners are to be in an acceptable and legal mental and physical condition. Any person who appears, in the opinion of the Trainers of MotoDojo to be impaired by any situation or substance will not be allowed to participate in any MotoDojo courses.
  • All learners must hold an RE class Learner licence issued by a Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre, or hold an open RE class motorcycle licence when applying to upgrade to an open R (unrestricted) licence.
  • Helmets worn during lessons must be Australian Standard AS1698 approved.
  • All students are required to wear appropriate clothing, which includes enclosed shoes or boots, jeans or sturdy long trousers, jacket and gloves. Jackets, helmets and gloves are available to borrow from the school.
  • Learners are not allowed to ride the motorcycles unless directed by the instructor.
  • Abusive language or behavior towards other learners or instructors will not be tolerated
  • Conversations are to be kept around motorcycles and training in order to avoid any offensive or discriminatory ideas or opinions being expressed.
  • Whilst it is appreciated that some calls cannot be ignored, learners are to refrain from answering mobile phones during training.
  • Learners will restrict smoking to breaks and to the designated smoking area, smoking is not permitted during training,


Schedule of fees and charges for Q-Ride training and assessment


Product                                                            Duration                                   Price

Beginners Q-Ride Training and Assessment           (minimum) 11 Hours               $450.00

Experienced Q-Ride Training and Assessment       (minimum) 7 Hours                   $250.00

After Hours Q-Ride Training and Assessment       (minimum) 6 Hours                   $350.00

Catch up Course                                                           (minimum) 1hour                     $50 / hour


Product Details:

  • The Beginners Q-Ride Training and Assessment course, is an 11 hour training package that is designed to introduce learners with no experience to the basics of motorcycle riding, specifically speed control and cornering . They will be trained and assessed as per Q-RIDE competency standards during 7 hours of off road manoeuvres and 3 hours road craft. Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be issued with a Q-RIDE competency certificate.
  • The Experienced Q-Ride Training and Assessment is a minimum 7 hour training package that is designed for people who can already ride a motorcycle. They will be trained and assessed as per Q-RIDE competency standards, during 2 hours of off road manoeuvres and 4 hours road craft. Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be issued with a Q-RIDE competency certificate.
  • The After Hours Q-Ride Training and Assessment minimum 8 hour training package that is designed for people who can already ride a motorcycle. The After Hours Course will conducted in the evenings in a floodlit training area and on weekends. They will be trained and assessed as per Q-RIDE competency standards, during 2 hours of off road manoeuvres and 3 hours road craft. Upon successful completion of this course the learner will be issued with a Q-RIDE competency certificate.
  • The Catch up Course is offered to learners who need extra training to achieve competency in just one or two of the manoeuvres in UNIT 2- Manoeuvre Motorbike at Low Speed, and UNIT 3- Control Motorbike at Road Speed.


Refund Policy

MotoDojo Refund Policy is in accordance with Part 3 of the Fair Trading Act 1989. If for any reason a learner is unable to finish a course that has been paid for, refunds can be discussed on their merit. A learner may transfer from one course date to a later date only after notification has been received by phone or e-mail no later than 3 days prior to the original course being conducted, with no penalty being incurred by the learner. If less than 3 days, notice is given and/or after a confirmation of attendance has been made a minimum $35 fee can apply. Learners are required to be present 15 mins before the course starts, learners arriving after the commencement of the course will not be permitted to participate and a $35 cancellation fee will apply. Any learner found to be acting in a way, which may endanger the safety of themselves, other learners, members of the public or property, may be expelled from the course with no refund.


Liability for Damage

The learners will be held responsible for the first $500 worth of damage they cause to any MotoDojo motorcycle/equipment where the damage caused renders the motorcycle/equipment unroadworthy. To ensure that all learners understand their liabilities they are required to read, or have read to them, the MotoDojo Liability/Indemnity Form which outlines their responsibilities and liabilities while using MotoDojo equipment. After reading this form they are required to then sign, acknowledging that they have read, fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions before participating in the MotoDojo Q-Ride Rider Training Course.

The learner is required to pay for any damage caused within 30 days.

To help communicate this information to potential students, MotoDojo has developed a Learner’s handbook that outlines the above information to learners. This information is also available on the MotoDojo website www.



Payment policy

All bookings and payments for MotoDojo courses need to be by phone or in person to a MotoDojo staff member or representative by cash or credit card, prior to commencement of training, Motodojo does not accept AMEX or Diners club cards. Any payments for damage liability whilst the motorcycle was in your use must be paid within 30 days or legal action may be taken. Students will be provided with a full quote/invoice outlining all costs involved in repairs. Any person has the right to have a third party assess the damage.


Grievance and review processes for learners

MotoDojo takes very seriously any grievance or complaint a learner may have about, the product for which they paid, or about how the training was, or is, conducted by MotoDojo. MotoDojo will ensure all efforts will be made to ensure a fair and equitable outcome is reached, through open dialogue and fair negotiation.

Motodojo Instructors are approachable and friendly and are happy to discuss any issues a learner may have with the instructor’s conduct or the learner’s results. MotoDojo instructors will make every effort to resolve any issues a learner may have at this level. MotoDojo instructors will advise learners of this prior to the start of the course.

If a resolution cannot be reached at the instructor / learner level than the learner should document their complaint and submit it to the manager of the MotoDojo Q-RIDE School at 42/123 Barbaralla Drive Springwood 4127 within two weeks. The learner, if they so wish, may contact the manager by phone to discuss the issue directly prior to making any written submissions.

If for any reason a resolution cannot be found at the manager’s level, MotoDojo shall take the necessary action to have a mutually agreed third party take control of the situation through the process of mediation.