$ 400
12 hours two day course
7 am to 1 pm on day 1 and 2
Days & Location:
course available NORTHSIDE & SOUTHSIDE click on contact us for details. See available dates calandar
Pre requisites:
must have held your car licence for one year
What to bring:
your license, a bottle of water, sunglasses, hat, long trousers, closed in shoes, tuckshop money


Who we are

The QRIDE Pre Learners course is for learners who do not currently have a learners permit for a motorcycle in Brisbane on the Gold Coast.DEPT. TRANSPORT AND MAIN ROADS POLICY REQUIRES EVERYONE REGARDLESSS OF SKILL LEVEL OR EXPERIENCE ON A MOTORCYCLE  TO DO THE QRIDE PRE LEARNERS COURSE

What we do

The Afterhours QRIDE Pre Learners Training course is a 12 hour course that is run over two consecutive days, in our QRIDE training area. On this course we will cover and complete all the QRIDE Training competencies required to get your Queensland motorcycle learners permit.

1.Stuff we need to do: The QRIDE Pre Learners Training Course is aimed at complete beginners and is conducted entirely off road in our flood lit training facility. As much as the skill components of the course is aimed at beginners, there is also a focus on rider behaviour, habits and mind set. The aim of the QRIDE Pre Learners Training Course is set the learner up for three months of developing habits and mind set before doing the RE license.

Once complete

When you have completed the QRIDE Pre Learners Training Course, we will issue you with a password that you can use online to complete your learners road rules test then all you have to do is fill out the necessary forms online or at Transport and Main Roads have your certificate processed and you will then be issued with a Queensland motorcycle learners permit. You will need to hold your learners permit for at least three months before you can go for your RE class motorcycle licence. We strongly recommend you go for a few rides before doing the RE Course. Learn more about us here. You can contact us to find out more!