$ 150
2 Hours
Days& Location:
course available NORTHSIDE & SOUTHSIDE Call 0403 656 569 or Book Online. See Book Now for available dates (Don’t panic your not committing to a sale yet)
Pre requisites:
Must hold RE(L) class licence
What to bring:
your RE(L) licence, a bottle of water, sunglasses, hat, long trousers, closed in shoes, tuckshop money



QRIDE RE REFRESHER   is for riders that have completed the Pre Learners and have not been for a ride since( slack buggers ),or riders who have no recent experience on a bike and are a bit rusty, if you cannot confidently ride a bike,but you know the basics; take off, slow down and stop and change gears then this course will help blow the cobwebs out. Try not to over estimate your skills, if you feel you will need more than a three hour refresher, than we suggest our Pre Learners course to properly develop your skills.


The RE REFRESHER course is a 2 hour course that is delivered various times during the week & weekends. On this course we start with some brief clutch control exercises and then  we get you to do some dodgy laps around our training circuit. we will observe and coach you until you are doing smooth non dodgy laps. After the car park exercises we will continue out on the road for a minimum 30 min road ride, or longer if you guys are awesome.

1.  Exercises, In the  RE REFRESHER course you will develope your skills to the standard of the first session in the RE course which is the warm up ride. this is continous laps around the training circuit where you will be braking and changing gears for corners and swerving around obsticals

  • Clutch control, take off smoothly and confidently
  • Changing gears, learn technique and timing to change gears smoooothly
  • Swerve,steering techniques to avoid an obstical on a straight
  • Stop to a point, stop quickly and smoothly with control

QRIDE training in Queensland is competency based training so you don’t have to get anything right the first time, on this course however, because we cater to riders who know the basics, we don’t allow any time to teach anyone to ride from scratch, so you will need to be at a skill level that allows you to pick things up from the basics( a bit rusty) onwards.


When you have completed the RE REFRESHER course,you can then book straight into the next available RE QRIDE COURSE  ( must hold learners for more than three months )