Gday thankyou visiting MotoDojo. We are located at the Calamvale Shopping centre at 662 compton road calamvale. We are a new Qride provider in Brisbane, and as such we can provide QRIDE training and assessment, so that once you have successfuly completed one of our courses you will be issued a QLD motorcycle licence by QLD Transport. Although we are a new QRIDE provider, we are certainly not new to QRIDE training.

The owner and cheif trainer at MotoDojo, John Bacic, has been delivering QRIDE training to Queensland riders since QRIDE started back in 2002, when you book with us you can expect results through experienced effective QRIDE training.

We provide late model easy to ride motorcyles (see our bikes on the menu bar above) our training area is large and user friendly so you can feel confident when learning to ride. We conduct, weekend, weekday and night time courses so we are sure we can find a course that fits your time frame and your availability.

Motodojo training area