When you undertake you Queensland motorcycle training with MotoDojo we will provide you with one of our Honda CB 125 E’s and for our Class R learners we supply a Honda Hornet CB 600.


Honda CB 600F Hornet (R Class)

Bike informations:

Our CB 600 Hornet is a mid-range naked bike that is very torquey and smooth. It has a neutral ride position with the pegs under the seat and mild steering geometry that leads to a stable bike that handles smoothly and progressively. The hornet has a light clutch and shifts very smoothly between the gears. With quite responsive and progressive brakes the Hornet stops very easily and smoothly. The hornets strong bottom end and fast idle make this bike very compliant and stable at low speeds.

This bike is the perfect machine to do figure eights on. Over all with the neutral ergonomics and smooth controls the Hornet is a great bike for QRIDE.

Engine type:Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Transmission:6 Speed
Seat height:800 mm
Kerb weight:173 kg - 177 kg
Brakes:2x 296mm discs 2 piston caliper

Honda CB125E (RE Class)

Bike informations:

A small lightweight single cylinder commuter is the perfect bike for a first time rider to learn on. The CB 125 is a very compliant bike that is easy to ride and very forgiving. The CB has a light clutch that is easy to use and a display on the dashboard that tells you what gear you are in (a little pearl of information that learners find very helpful). Because of its lightweight the Honda is a very easy bike to turn, add to this package smooth soft brakes and you will feel comfortable and in control from the very second you get on this outstanding little learner bike.

Engine type:124.1cc Air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder
Seat height:767mm
Kerb weight:137kg
Brakes:Hydraulic single disk