2 days
7am to 3pm day 1 and 7am to 3pm day 2,  on scheduled days
Days & location:
course available NORTHSIDE & SOUTHSIDE click on contact us for details. See available dates calandar
Pre requisites:
Has currently held a Queensland motorcycle learners permit for longer than three months.
What to bring:
your car licence, a bottle of water, sunglasses, hat, long trousers, closed in shoes, tuckshop money
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Who –

Level one beginners are learners who have a learners permit and wish to move on to the RE QRIDE license but have little or no experience on a motorcycle or have not completed the new pre learners QRIDE course and are not confident and  want to be more prepared. If you are a level one beginner you haven’t been on a motorcycle before or you have been on a motorcycle once or twice but you haven’t gone very fast. If you have more experience on a motorcycle than this but you don’t feel very confident than you will also find this QRIDE course a good choice

What –

The level one beginner training programme is a two day  course

1. Beginner Course. Day One

On the QRIDE beginners course you will spend the whole morning on one of our little Honda cb125 E’s learning how to ride a motorcycle by going through our uniquely designed and sequenced  training programme, The beginners course focuses on, brakes, throttle, gears and cornering techniques through the following exercises.

  1. Push the bike and use brakes to stop. this exercise will introduce you to the brakes so you can use them confidently before you start the bike
  2. Clutch friction point exercise. ( move foreward slowly 1 meter and stop)this exercise will introduce you to the clutch friction point so you can take off smoothly
  3. Throttle control exercise. ( twist throttle while stationary )this exercise will introduce you to the throttle , you will learn how to use it softly and at the right time
  4. Move off and stop exercise.  ( ride 5 meters and stop, then 10 then 15 and repeat) in this exercise you tie it all together.
  5. Change gears . now we go a little faster and shift into second and then third gear.
  6. Cornering . This is where the fun starts. here we will teach you easy to learn and affective cornering techniques that will set you up for a lifetime of great riding.
  7. The other stuff.  there is a bit of quality information about defensive riding and some slow turns that you will naturally learn in this course just by doing it.( it’s a kind of  zen thing)

2.Beginner Course Day two  

On the second day you will do the QRIDE:   Re ( restricted) Licence course  on this day we will coach you through all the QRIDE  competencies for the RE licence.

1. QRIDE Exercises,

  • Fig 8’s , learn to turn at low speed with controll
  • Slow Ride, learn to control the bike at a slow walking pace
  • Slalom, learn to weave around obsticals
  • Controlled Stop, bring the bike to a smooth stop whilst downshifting
  • Swerve, Like slalom but faster
  • Emergency Stop, Learn to stop quickly and smoothly with total control

2. Road Ride, In the afternoon session you will complete a 2  hr road ride that starts in a residential area and slowly graduates to main roads. During the road ride it will be the QRIDE instructor’s goal to develop your cornering skill and your system of riding, so that every corner feels smooth and easy to read, we will also introduce you to the specific skills and habits that professional riders and drivers use to routinely anticipate and respond to all potential hazards and riding situations. Don’t worry about making mistakes we expect you to make mistakes and get a few things wrong the instructor will continue to correct and develop your riding technique and your system of riding until you are a competent rider.

Then –

When you have completed the Level one Beginners  training course,, we will issue you with a QRIDE competency certificate, all you have to do is fill out the necessary forms online or at Transport and Main Roads, have your certificate processed and you will then be issued with a Queensland motorcycle licence.