Why Things go Horribly Wrong.

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IT’S A BIRD! NO WAIT IT’S A PLANE, WAIT …It’s knucklehead Commitment; (as defined by the john bacic dictionary for pretentious bastards). to select a course of action where the outcome is limited to outright success or outright failure. My approach was as straight as an arrow. My speed was developing rapidly and smoothly. My…

New Lane Splitting laws in QLD

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A number of changes to road rules affecting motorcycle riders in Queensland commenced on 1 February 2015. The changes were proposed in the Motorcycle Discussion Paper: Road Rules for Motorcycle Riders, released in 2014, and are related to lane filtering, motorcycle control and motorcycle helmets. Reasons for the road rule changes Motorcycle riders, motorcycle associations…

A very disturbing roadrage incident

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roadrage pic

By John Bacic, Motodojo. I am the ever hopeful romantic. When I wake up in the mornings it’s with hope and anticipation of another wonderful day, full of wonderful surprises, and being around wonderful people. I know that somewhere just around the corner is that special lady, that special someone who’s going to make me…

New rules for motorcycle helmets

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Previously, motorcycle riders on Queensland roads were required to wear a helmet that complied with Australian standard AS1698 or AS/NZS1698. The range of motorcycle helmets approved for use in Queensland has been expanded to include those complying with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) 22.05 standard. Reasons for the changes For road safety…